El Valle Lodge
                       Our Secret Spot in Samana…                 

The Hotel

50 mts away from El valle beach, in the Samaná province.   In the middle of tropical jungle where a lazy river runs through the centre and around the cabins El Valle Lodge offers a unique experience.

Explore hidden paths and waterfalls, unwind on a lounger watching the waves break, ride a small boat to a virgin beach or participate in one of our regenerative activities we offer.

At the end of the day relax with a cocktail watching the sunset from one of our chill outs spots and indulge in our farm to table culinary specialties.

You can have a romantic evening with your partner, enjoy a “ games night” with other guests or experience a bonfire at the beach. We are much more than lodging, we want to be part of your trip.

Wake up in one of our rustic chic cabins with incredible river views, to the sound of the running water in the river, the songs of the birds and the roar of the ocean in the distance.

¿What is an Eco lodge?

This form of ecotourism emphasizes the location and the environmental qualities of the accommodations. It presents a unique way of experimenting and interacting with the environment since the construction principles, the materials, and the design make the lodge merge with nature as stated by the precepts of sustainable building.

El Valle Ecolodge  AUTHENTICALLY RESPONDS to the ecotourism concept as defined by TIES ( international ecotourism society). We are a responsible project and we want to actively promote conscience and respect for the environment and the local culture.

This “ holistic” lodge promotes wellbeing and strives to go beyond low impact practices through multiple daily activities to maintain a carbon negative business.