Our Story…                 
We arrived to the Samana península in 2015 looking for an undeveloped Paradise and a slower pace of life. We arrived wanting to make a difference while having a positive impact on the area. We wanted to build our dreams and projects in harmony with our surroundings and the local community.
We are passionate about hospitality, hearty and healthy food and kindness towards the environment.
El Valle ecolodge is our home.
We will welcome you as our guest in the most profound sense of the word.
We’d like to know about you, if you book with us, please don’t forget to answer our questionnaire about your preferences or health issues. It will allow us to personalize your stay which is very important to us. 


To embody the hospitality concept of preserving, promoting and educating in respect to the environment, empowering the local community and creating unique experiences for our guests through a detailed and personalized experience.


Be recognized for the quality of what we do, the service level and the authentic experience, maintaining a  close  rapport.(I don’t understand the close report line or what you are trying to say).  To become a reference in our commitment with  sustainability.