We, at El Valle  Lodge strive to give back more than we take. 
We aspire to leave something of value for the environment and the local community.


In partnership with Co2ol Design and a visionary team of experts in regeneration, conservation, and permaculture we designed a holistic project that took into consideration the orientation, the shades, the air currents and used local materials as much as possible.

Waste treatment

A filter and shred system was designed for black and grey waters treatment. Organic waste is composted. We discourage the use of plastic bottled beverages and we don’t sell them in our establishment. At check in guests receive a Thermos to use during their stay and while out on excursions.

General policies

We provide organic amenities with biodegradable packaging Gitana restaurant is a farm to table establishment that grows organic vegetables or acquires them from the local community. We have pisciculture on the river that runs through the property and we encourage and educate small entrepreneurs on their organic practices.


90% of our energy supply comes from a local hydro electric company. We took extreme measures to maintain energetic efficiency on the equipment and appliances. All our electric bulbs are LED. We are in the process of converting our diesel generator into used oil.


The Lodge generates benefits for the local community through job creation, education and training in new professions and crafts. We buy local produce that we ourselves teach how to best develop


We promote the participation of our guests in local programs and activities that contribute to the care of the environment, helping the community, or to the empowerment of women. We invite you to participate in the cleaning of our beaches, the making of Biochar as fertilizer or other practices that awaken consciousness on how to live in harmony.